Shashi Tharoor and the rot of Congress Secularism

Aaditya Tiwari
2 min readAug 7, 2018

Member of Parliament of Indian National Congress from Thiruvananthapuram, Keralam, Shashi Tharoor who is also founder of Professionals Congress in a public address questioned why does the Prime Minister Narendra Modi not wear the Skull cap. He did not stop here but went on to say, ‘Prime Minister wears all sorts of outlandish headgears where ever he goes around the country….you have seen him in hilarious Naga head dress with feathers..’.

By raking this question once again Tharoor was trying to ask something to which Mr Modi has answered multiple times during the 2014 campaign and later. Whenever he was asked this question and he was asked this multiple times, he answered ‘अपनी परंपरा का पालन और दूसरों की परंपरा का सम्मान करता हूं ’. The Salafi and Wahhabi interpretations of Islam which lay stress on uniform dress, appearance and language are not indigenous to India. Indian Islam or Sufism is syncretic and respects diversity.

But by raising this question out of nowhere Tharoor reflected the rot in the Congress mindset and its kind of secularism:

  1. The problem with congress and its allies is they try to integrate the Muslims of India by copying their dress. They treat them as the other. Muslims of India are as much Indians as anybody else. You can not integrate the whole! India is complete only with its diversity and presence of multiple cultures.
  2. For Congress, Indians are a mere vote bank. Tharoor raises the skull cap issue with Muslims just before the 2019 elections.
  3. With Hindus, he tells them ‘Why only he is a true Hindu’ while so many others who subscribe to different thought represent parochial Hindutva.
  4. Congress thinks it has the right to rule India and it is the natural heir to the British. It is in a way right, Congress has mastered the skill of ‘Divide and Rule’ that it learned from the British.
  5. Elitism runs in the Congress blood. They still see Indians as their subjects and themselves as rulers of this land. The very fact that Rahul Gandhi, an average Parliamentarian by any standard has the audacity to go to Prime Minister of India and command him to stand…..yes, command him and not request is preposterous. And why! because the Prince wants to give him a ‘HUG’ to complete his script.
  6. Tharoor by calling Naga headgear outlandish represents the same elite mindset. To top this he in a subsequent tweet calls it an ‘irrelevant detail’.
  7. Congress as a party abhors diversity of thought, they have never allowed central leadership to prosper beyond Nehru-Gandhi family.
  8. Congress contribution to India is the culture of nepotism in academia, media and bureaucracy. Corruption bloomed under its leadership.

The vote to Narendra Modi in 2014 was against all of this. Congress will have to change its ways to become a more credible opposition. India and its people have changed and changed for good! We are an ancient civilization and have seen dynasties come and go….if Congress does not evolve for better of India, it too would turn into nothing more but a speck in the history of India.



Aaditya Tiwari

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