Covid19India-Healing Touch?

Aaditya Tiwari
3 min readMay 7, 2021


Healing Touch?

As we struggle with the physical and mental trauma of Covid19 (Wuhan Virus) there are a few observations that I wanted to share. I have compiled them based on my personal perception!

1. Denying failure of the machinery to predict and mitigate this wave is living in a fool’s world. There can be varying explanations for this but a broken system is broken! As a society we cant hide behind reasons like ‘health apparatus was always in poor shape in India.’

2. It is an earnest request to give people space to express grief and anger. Your statistics and explanations help no one. People who have lost their loved ones have lost them forever. If you cant give a shoulder to cry on, don’t shove the data down their throats.

3. This is for the people finding glee in the collective failure of the system. To rejoice death & use it to vent your hatred, only people with dead conscience can live with it.

4. This time has raised human consciousness where people have desperately tried to provide relief to both known and unknown. So many others have been active on ground and helping without a desire to even be acknowledged. This fraternity will help us sail through this pandemic.

5. People are going out of their way to provide food and other required support to the elderly. This pandemic has exposed how many of our elderly are living alone. Gratitude to those who extended the familial warmth and helped people with food and other support.

6. Doctors, medical staff, policemen, volunteers and other Covid warriors have been diligently working, its time their immense contribution is duly rewarded and joining these services should become a moment of national pride, just like the Armed forces.

7. This time it is the pandemic and shortage of oxygen, next time it could be a climate challenge like scarcity of water. Initiatives like ‘Nal se Jal’, ‘Swacch Bharat’ are far too important to just be lead by the Government.

8.Its been two years & our young haven’t had proper education. Add to this challenge of economic crisis & jobs. NEP had assessed ‘we could lose 10 crore or more students from the learning system to illiteracy’, pandemic has accelerated this. Are we prepared for this disaster?

9. To point fingers at problems is easy, but for those who dream of a better India, they have to come up with solutions. Systemic changes will be critical but an entire generation will have to strive with one and only focus-Make a Better India.

I want to end this post with some lines from the essay Ramvriksh Benipuri wrote, called नींव की ईंट, and they make more sense to me than ever!

‘सदियों के बाद हमने नई समाज की सृष्टि की ओर कदम बढ़ाया है।

इस नए समाज के निर्माण के लिये भी हमें नींव की ईंट चाहिए।’

“सात लाख़ गाँवों का नव-निर्माण! हज़ारों शहरों और कारखानों का नव-निर्माण! कोई शासक इसे संभव नहीं कर सकता।

ज़रूरत है ऐसे नौजवानों की, जो इस काम में अपने को चुपचाप खपा दें।

जो एक नई प्रेरणा से अनुप्राणित हों, एक नई चेतना से अभीभूत, जो शाबाशयों से दूर हों, दलबंदियों से अलग।

जिनमें कंगूरा बनने की कामना न हो, कलश कहलाने की जिनमें वासना न हो।

सभी कामनाओं से दूर-सभी वासनाओं से दूर।

उदय के लिये आतुर हमारा समाज चिल्ला रहा है।

हमारी नींव की ईंटें किधर हैं?

देश के नौजवानों को यह चुनौती है!”



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