Book Review: ‘The Lover Boy of Bahawalpur’ by Rahul Pandita

  1. Gain an understanding of counter insurgency operations and understand. how complex they are! The variables at play are diverse and persistence along with luck plays an important role in cracking such cases.
  2. No case is small or big, easy or difficult. The book explores how the cases are often interlinked and cracking one seemingly irrelevant link might clear the cobweb of unsolved cases.
  3. The role of paramilitary forces in counter-terrorism operations hasn’t been acknowledged enough and officers like Narendra Nath Dhar Dubey have gone unsung, despite their supreme sacrifice.
  4. Hardcore terrorists radicalize youth in Kashmir by preaching Islam while they themselves lead a life of debauchery.
  5. This book should also come as a stern reminder to the journalists and politicians who questioned the intelligence agencies, defence forces and the government after the Pulwama attack to make petty political gains to not jump guns and cook conspiracy theories.



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Aaditya Tiwari

Aaditya Tiwari


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